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History of Historic Scurry County Incorporated

In 1979, First Federal Savings and Loan purchased the land and the Cornelius-Dodson House located on the corner of College Avenue and 30th Street. A Historical Building Medallion, awarded to the house in 1965 by the Texas Historical Commission (THC), requires permission from THC if the structure is to be altered in any way. First Federal contacted the THC and found that changes in the house would ruin the historical integrity of the structure.

The Texas Historical Commission sent Anice Read, Chairman of the Historical Marker Program, to Snyder to encourage the Scurry County Historical Commission* to intercede and preserve the property. The Scurry County Historical Commission was not allowed to own property hence Historic Scurry County, Incorporated, a Texas corporation, was formed on October 21, 1980. First Federal agreed to donate the house on the condition that it be moved. It would be the responsibility of this organization to move, restore, and preserve this acquisition. The Cornelius-Dodson House was moved to property adjacent to The Coliseum and the Scurry County Heritage Village was established.

The county is fortunate to have two historical organizations who work together to preserve the history of our ancestors.

Historic Scurry County, Inc. meets monthly, September through May, scheduling programs of historic interest. Membership opportunities are provided on this website.

*The history of Scurry County was first recorded by the Scurry County Historical Survey Committee which is now known as the Scurry County Historical Commission. Members of the Commission are appointed and supported by the Commissioners Court. They meet four times a year.